Girls’ Day 2018 @ DCSO

Like last year, we are very happy to have hosted Girls’ Day 2018. We had a great experience with the eleven girls who participated. Girls’ Day has been held annually since 2001 where around 1.8 million girls have participated to date.
Girls' Day
Every year around 10,000 companies, organizations, universities and small businesses offer events for 100,000 girls1 – including the IT, artisan, natural sciences and technology sectors. The girls are given the opportunity to get a taste of male-dominated professions and meet female role models in managerial positions. The aim of the event is for more girls to take full advantage of their career opportunities in the future and to develop qualified young talent in technology-related areas.1

In order to introduce the girls to the male-dominated IT profession, we devised a practical program. They learned how important good, complex passwords are, how Caesar used to write encrypted messages to Cleopatra and also how to send messages encrypted with sophisticated handles as well as how various messengers encrypt. We also had a look at data on the Internet and discussed how to use Facebook and other social media channels. Most exciting for us and also for the girls, was programming a game with SCRATCH. It went from learning the basics to more complex games. Great works were created in a short time, for example, a lively aquarium with two sea creatures competing against each other and trying to score the most points. Another game was similar to the Super Mario jump &run games with obstacles.
Apart from having a lot of fun ourselves we are enthusiastic about the interest shown by the participants. We hope that they will continue programming e.g. in CoderDojos2 or at other events like Jugend Hackt3. See you next year!

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