Wanted: The Best Threat Intelligence Provider with APT Indicators

APT’s – advanced persistent threats – are among the most feared threats in the cyberspace. They are well known for their use of highly sophisticated techniques, long lasting intrusions, and their slow and stealthy movement through infiltrated infrastructures. Often backed by nation states, APT groups possess the Continue reading “Wanted: The Best Threat Intelligence Provider with APT Indicators”

BruCON 0x0A

BruCON is an annual IT-security conference, held in the historical lecture hall of the University of Gent in October. As a smaller-scale conference without focus on a specific topic, it aims to improve the general state of the information security industry. This year marked the 10th anniversary of its current form, Continue reading “BruCON 0x0A”

Cloud Security 101 – Do you already CASB?

“Hey, Mike, where can I find our current project calculation? Our client keeps asking questions … ”
“It’s in our team’s Box folder like all the previous versions. Wait a second, I’ll share the link with you!”
“Great! Maybe you can share that file directly with them? And please, add their purchasing department as well. You’ll find the contact in Salesforce.”

Continue reading “Cloud Security 101 – Do you already CASB?”